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Previous Winners of the Warlord's Tournament

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The following is a list of the fighters known to have held the title of Warlord of Southern Shores.

If you know of others who have been the Southern Shores Warlord PLEASE, email the Chronicler or the Webminister the persons name, and when they were Warlord.

A.S. XLVII Frederick de Cathecart
A.S. XLVI (no tournament this year)
A.S. XLV  
A.S. XLIV Miles FitzRauf
A.S. XLII Thorfinn the Cruel
A.S. XLI Martin of Rivenstar
A.S. XL Viscount Sir Geoffrey Scott
A.S. XXXIX no tourney -- Artus continues as Warlord
A.S. XXXVIII Baron Artus Quintus
A.S. XXXVII Sir Magnus Zwerver
A.S. XXXVI Geoffrey Scott
A.S. XXXV Viscount Sir Brand Maclellan
A.S. XXXIV Aaron of Buckminster
A.S XXXIII Sir Thomas Logan
A.S. XXXII Viscount Leon Von Shrecken
A.S. XXXI Parlan McGillivray

Baron Gunar Merrelson


A.S. XXVIII Brian Saunders
A.S. XXV  
A.S. XXIV Stefan of Bellatrix
A.S. XXIII Christopher of York
A.S. XXII Emris Miles
A.S. XXI Cenwulf Godfyrth
A.S. XX  
A.S. XIX  
A.S. XVIII Brian Saunders
A.S. XVII Thomas Buttesthorn
A.S. XVI Eric Foxworthy

The following have unconfirmed dates of tenure as Warlord:

  • Richard De Camville

  • Helmut (formerly known as Kido)

  • Sir Andrew of Riga

  • John Theophilous


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