Offices of Southern Shores

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Greater Officers

SeneschalSeneschal (Chief administrator for the Province):
Apollonia Faust

Deputy: Cynthia De Meetham

Arts and SciencesArts & Sciences
(Encourages teaching & display of the Arts):
Karius Hutzlemann

  Deputy: none

Chronicler Chronicler (Responsible for the Province newsletter)
Robin of Silverwood

Deputy: none

Constable Constable (Collects event fees and sees that SCA and mundane laws are followed)
Aaliz de Saint-Joseph

  Deputy: none

MarshalMarshal (Oversees the safety and honor of combat activities)

Deputy: none

ExchequerExchequer (Administers and reports Province finances)
Ula Brennasdottirt

Deputy: none

Vesper Principle HeraldSilver Gull Pursuivant Herald
(Arranges for announcements in Court and at events; assists with the development and registration of names and devices.)
Ghislaine d'Auxerre

  Deputy: none

Lesser Officers

Chatelaine (Greets and helps newcomers):
Castus Valerius
Deputy: none
Gold Key (Loans appropriate clothing as needed at events and maintains the loaner clothing) :
Cynthia De Meetham
  Deputy: none

Page School Chancellor (Organizes and supervises activities for "pages", that is pre-teen children, at events):
Cynthia De Meetham

  Deputy: none
Web Minister
(Maintains this web site and the Province e-mail list):
Robin of Silverwood
  Deputy: Karius Hutzlemann
Lists (Manages the lists, that is, coordinating combatants in a tournament or other formal combat):
Salvatore di Trabia
  Deputy: none




Volunteer Officers

ChirurgeonChirurgeon (Responsible for first aid and safety at events):

Deputy: none

Please send any changes to the Web Minister.



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