The History of the One True Brick

Submitted by: Wulfric of Creigull

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The following is an excerpt from an ongoing conversation on the Net...


Prithee tell us the Legend of the True Brick and of how one is chosen to be its keeper. I am told that (gasp) *miracles* do occur in its presence. Is this indeed true? (Note: The authors names have been removed to protect the innocent. )


The True Brick is legendary. Some say that this is because no one remembers how the silly thing got started. Of course, those are the impure of heart.

In any case, it happened back in the olden days of Southern Shores, when giants walked the Province's lands - such as Paul of Bellatrix, and Radnor of Guildemar.

Things got pseudo-organized when a Hunt for the True Brick was held at a Southern Shores event.

Two Bricks were hidden: the first to be found was the evil anti-Brick.

However, a third Brick that had not been planted was found, and this was duly judged to be a miracle and a sign that this was, indeed, the True Brick.

We revived this for Southern Shores' Argent Anniversary Warlord Tourney this year. The Keeper was the one who found the True Brick, and as Countess Linda put it:

"and if you remember to bring the Brick next year - it will be a miracle!"

This is an unofficial version, as related to me by Countess Linda, who was there.


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