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Southern Shores Warlord




A Few Last Words from the Warlord
Thomas Buttesthorn
July 1983
Warlord: Tradition vs. Practicality
Siobhan of Cloverdale  
What it means to be Warlord of Southern Shores
Thomas Buttesthorn
December 1987

Words from the Warlord

Bad behavior in the SCA
Thomas Buttesthorn
May 1983

Conduct in war, SCA-style
Thomas Buttesthorn
January 1983

Discussion of Vinhold-St. Andrew War
Thomas Buttesthorn
September 1982

Extreme caution & lost opportunities leading to being uselessly dead
Thomas Buttesthorn
March 1983

Gallantry Thomas Buttesthorn
February 1983

How to have a war   
Eric Foxworthy   
June 1983

Ideas from the War College
Thomas Buttesthorn
December 1982

Remember Agincourt!
Eric Foxworthy
May 1982

Eric Foxworthy
April 1982

The lone fighter vs. effective warfare
Thomas Buttesthorn
August 1982

Thoughts on pen mightier than the sword, & live by the sword/die by the sword
Eric Foxworthy
March 1982

War weapons & equipment
Thomas Buttesthorn
October 1982

What he will address as warlord
Thomas Buttesthorn
July 1982

Words from others on the nature of war
Eric Foxworthy
June 1982


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