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Foods & Recipes




A Tidbit of History

Medieval herbs, fruits, vegetables
Cordelia Toser April 1993

On lack of specific recipies in period
Cordelia Toser February 1993

Recipe from Jingles '95 -
Jowtes of Almosd Mylke

Cordelia Toser March 1996

Spices & cooking terms
Cordelia Toser March 1993

An Anglo-Saxon Riddle

Wulfric of Creigull December 1997

An Anglo-Saxon Riddle

Wulfric of Creigull March 1998
From the Brick Spoon

Harvest Foods (Apple-Pear tart) Wulfric of Creigull December 1997

Dariolles (custart tart) Euriol of Lothian January 1998

Emplumenus de pomes  (Apple Sauce) Euriol of Lothian May 1999

For Fresh Salmon
Wulfric of Creigull October/November 1998

Hen in Broth
Euriol of Lothian Spring 2001

Minces Euriol of Lothian Spring 2000

Orange Omelet for Harlots and Ruffians
Ivan Ivanovich ot Streltsov

Pie crusts Euriol of Lothian May 1998

Quail Euriol of Lothian June 1998

Roast of Kings (leg of lamb) Euriol of Lothian April 1998

Spiced Honey Walnuts Euriol of Lothian Fall 2001

Sauces - mustard, cameline, Jance
Wulfric of Creigull February 1998

Strawberry Syrup
Wulfric of Creigull July 1998

To Boil Onions (recipe) Wulfric of Creigull March 1998
Condimentum in Aubellionen
(Red Snapper with Seasoning)
Euriol of Lothian January 1996
Courageous Curie
Thomas Buttesthorn &
Helyn Brownberry
November 1982

Crumbs of Wisdom

Adam - the first baker Wulfric of Creigull June 1996

Anglo-Saxon words for landowner, wife, servant Wulfric of Creigull July 1996

baker Wulfric of Creigull August 1996

Baker as occupation Wulfric of Creigull March 1996

bread crust Wulfric of Creigull November 1997

conserving grain Euriol of Lothian Fall 2000

difference black & white pepper Wulfric of Creigull May 1997

eating manners unknown
July 1997

from the cup (French) Euriol of Lothian
May 1999

gentle bakers Wulfric of Creigull June 1997

gentleman eating Wulfric of Creigull
April 1998

handling food Wulfric of Creigull
January 1998

joys of the table Euriol of Lothian
October/November 1998

master cooks compensation Wulfric of Creigull October 1997

mushrooms Euriol of Lothian
July 1998

office of the cook Wulfric of Creigull
December 1997

poem on eating Wulfric of Creigull
September 1997

primer on comparitive worth of food & who gets fed Wulfric of Creigull
February 1998

Recipe for "Shepard's Pie" Wulfric of Creigull
August 1997

Satan, garlic & onions Wulfric of Creigull
March 1998

spitting across the table Euriol of Lothian
December 1998

the cook should… Wulfric of Creigull
May 1996

the kitchen Euriol of Lothian
January 1999

where to sit Euriol of Lothian
Spring 2000

Goutte Housekeeping

Aquapatys (cooked garlic)
Wulfric of Creigull
February 1994

A Conserve
Wulfric of Creigull
August 1996

A White Leek Sauce
Wulfric of Creigull
February 1997

Entering Cooking Competitions -
Or, How to be a Spoonhead

Wulfric of Creigull
November 1995

Green Broth of Eggs and Cheese
Wulfric of Creigull
June 1995

Liquamen (fish sauce)
Euriol of Lothian
September 1996

Lorez Pies
Wulfric of Creigull
December 1995

Perre (Mashed Peas)
Wulfric of Creigull
July 1995

Pomesmoille (Apple-Almond Pudding)
Wulfric of Creigull
September 1995

Shrewsbery Cakes, Jingles '94
Wulfric of Creigull
October 1995

Stuffed Eggs
Euriol of Lothian
September 1997

The Best Pancake (sugar crepes)
Wulfric of Creigull
October 1996

Torta from Red Chickpeas
Wulfric of Creigull
August 1995
Jingles Revisited
(Chicken in Cream Sauce with Pasta)
Euriol of Lothian
February 1996
Ladies of the Bay (winning recipe for Ambrosia
contest at Warlord Tourney - Strawberries with Cream)
Thomas Buttesthorn
August 1984
Lord Thomas's Page
Bread Contest from Warlord Tourney -
Thomas Buttesthorn
September 1982
multiple recipies for Jingles (originals & translations)
Euriol of Lothian
Winter 2000


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