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Events & Camping




A Newbie's Viewpoint: newcomer camping

Gisela de Kalais Spring 2001

Band-Aid Bob's Chirugeon's Corner: avoiding heat-related injuries, first aid kits, medications

Thorvald Laeknir May 1996

How to Survive a Tournament:
about tourneys, basic equipment

Catherine Kenda of Stillwater

May 1986

How to Survive a Tournament:
list of things to bring

Catherine Kenda of Stillwater
August 1986, reprinted April/May 1990

How to Survive a Tournament: setting up camp, safety, tourney etiquette, shopping sources

Catherine Kenda of Stillwater July 1986
How to Survive a Tournament: tourney food
Catherine Kenda of Stillwater June 1986
Jingles Is Coming, Jingles Is Coming in December
(or what can I get for the gift exchange)

Jania of Call Duck Manor September 1988
Tourney Site Disguises:
disguising mundane items

Catherine Kenda of Stillwater November 1980
Words from the Warlord: How to have a war
Eric Foxworthy June 1983



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