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Poems & Bardic Pieces




A New Ballade of a Lover Extollinge his Ladye
Wylliam Griffith, 1588
Winter 2000
A Sonnet, In Service, For Wulfstan
John Theopolis
July 1998
Anastacia, Queen of the West
Na'arah bat Avraham
May 1988

Bardic Corner

  Armored Fighter
Eirik Haarfager Goransson
January 1992

First Crown
Michel l'estropie de Montserrat
November 1991

Voila del Manto/
Viola Clark
June 1992, republished October/November 1998

The Prince's New Clothes
Voila del Manto/
Viola Clark
November 1991

To Die Again
Euriol of Lothian

untitled limerick re: Westermark
John Theopolis
May 1992

"Waltzing Pavillions"
Aiofe O'Kirwan/
Emme Attewater
December 1993
Bard of Eire: The Lord of Alba's Reply
Thomas Buttesthorn
June 1983
Thomas Buttesthorn
January/February 1985
Duke Frederick's Poem
Frederick of Holland
September 1983
March Crown: A Synopsis
Edward the Gentle
April 1989
Take My Hand, Fair Daughter of Night
Thomas Buttesthorn
March 1983
The Favour
Thomas Buttesthorn
June 1984
The Last Enemy
Thomas Buttesthorn
December 1986
The Mercenary
Thomas Buttsthorn
February 1982
The Old Soldier
Thomas Buttesthorn
October 1983
The Seasons - Spring
March 1997
untitled poem
Arnaut Daniel (12th C.)
Winter 2001
untitled poem (T'was Yuletide eve)
Na'arah bat Avraham
February 1988


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