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The Prince's New Clothes

Written for his Highness Prince Fabian
By Lady Viola Mera Del Manto

My lady, said the handsome prince, will you come and help me
Of course, I said, your highness I will do whatever is needed
The royal clothes need a seamstress with a shy smile said he
And I could not refuse the dark royal eyes that pleaded
So into the privy we quickly went
To finish Prince Fabian's new garment
Beautiful new hose is what he had made
Now, sew on the cod piece is what he bade

I was in shock did I hear him right is that what he said
He wanted me to sew it on while he was still in his hose
If I sewed the wrong thing down it would be off with my head
So I went down on my knees in front of him while he posed
I began to sew very carefully
With the only tools he had brought for me
Two needles thread and a cumbersome blade
Softly under my nervous breath I prayed

Well I sewed and I sewed and I turned bright shades of red
While my mother sat by and made the whole thing more trying
And I turned redder and redder with each thing the prince had said
And my dear mother was laughing so hard she was crying
I had a handsome prince in front of me
But not the way I wanted him to be
Something I will remember ever since
Was the frequent lovely naughty glimpse

When I finished the first time the cod piece on the thread cut
He went in to the next room to make the proper incision
Then the prince inside the privy said Viola guess what
You didn't sew the cod piece down with enough precision
The things that should not show are trying to
You must re sew it now I say to you
Prince still inside I carefully cut the thread
If I cut something wrong it would be my head
(Or should I say his?)
After much cutting and sewing a very nervous bard
With help from Princess Rosewitha I finished the deed
And my mother who watched the whole thing was laughing hard
I said Prince Fabian I hope that's all you need
Bard of the Mists I did not win that day
But with a big smile I can surely say
With this song I will surely advertise
I didn't win the contest but I won the prize



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