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Bardic Corner


by Lady Viola del Manto  

He loves a lady with beautiful hair
Her blue eyes glisten like sapphires so rare
And her skin is soft and ivory while
A lovely lady for a noble knight
She has grace and a charming wit
To which all men must submit
Oh yes she could have most any man
But she holds his heart like no other can


Hush oh hush and close your eyes
Perhaps your love will realize
That you love them and need them too
Be still and dream their love is true

Like no other man he is true and brave
And his words are soft like the calmest wave
He fights like no other with sword and shield
And he has no match on the battle field
For her love and name he fights
And the wrongs she names he will right
His grey eyes shine like no others can
He has a beauty like no other man


And I am a minstrel with calloused hands
Who plays whenever the lady demands
With simple brown eyes and a dirty face
Who has no money or name or place
Yet I love this noble knight
From afar in dark of night
I have loved him since his eyes met mine
Love him I will til the end of time


You have fought many battles for her name
For her you won power and wealth and fame
She is there to kiss you before the fights
But where is your lady on winter nights
With no eyes to watch she is cold
She wants a knight bold
Now just a man you sit all alone
And I play for you in the softest tones
Tortured you are for her love is not true
And tortured I am because I love you




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