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Duke Frederick’s Poem

The minstrel sings of the glory of war,
Of heroes winning great battles,
Fought for noble cause.
I heard, heeded, took up arms.

I heard, heeded, took up arms,
And took service with a Lord,
Trained with sword and spear.
I carried a banner into battle.

I carried a banner into battle,
Where men were dying in the rain.
I killed two of them.
The banner hung limp.     

The banner hung limp,
As I huddled by the fire
With my armor in shreds,
Waiting for the dawn.

Waiting for the dawn,
Then marching three weeks
On short rations and less wine,
We came home again.

We came home again
With heavy losses, but we Won.
And in the hall of our Lord
The minstrel sings of the glory of War.

- Frederick of Holland



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