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Bardic Corner

By: Sir John Theophilous

(May 1992 -- Recently, there was a competition between two gentles from different Baronies of our fine Kingdom who decided to have a contest to see who could write the best poem about their respective Baronies. The following is aresult from that competition.)

I'm sorry. I tried and tried, sonnet, ballade, haiku even, but I can't be serious about the Barony. I also can't laud it in the style that national anthems get. And it was too close to St. Patrick's Day!


In the Barony of Westermark,
The women are friendly, beer dark
It stays in your blood
(once you drink BUD)
Even if you leave on a lark

Westermark is a state of mind,
you cannot ever leave it behind
You can always see
This way to be
Even when you are stinkin' drunk blind

From An Tir to Atlantia I roam,
and only call Westermark home
The people have charm,
and with open arm,
Hand you a mug of good brew and foam.



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