Photos from Warlords 2002

Sunday June 2, 2002
John D. Morgan Park, Campbell CA

Photographer:  Felicia Margerye Amondesham

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Soares Sabas Von Lienengen , Prince Stephan of Beckenham,
& Viscount Leon von Schrecken

Princess Elina of Beckenham  talking with the populace

The Warlord's Consort: Catherine of Wessex

Geoffrey Scott fights with ?

The Autocrat -
Gianetta del Bene

cakes for the tea


Alexander Stirling leads the
Treasure Hunt

Kyle in the Page School Boffer Tourney

Magnus Zwerver, Ivan Ivanovich Streltsov , and Martin of Rivenstar waiting to fight

There goes my gauntlet!

Aaron of Buckminster & Magnus Zwerver

Ivan Ivanovich dead tired with Magnus Zwerver

Warlord Geoffrey Scott
takes a break

The Royal Court of King Jade of Starfall, Queen Megan nic Alister of Thornwood, Prince Stephan & Princess Elina

The old Warlord surrenders the office

Magnus Zwerver gracefully accepting the title of Southern Shores Warlord

Magnus models the surcoat and crest

William MacDougall is made Their Highness' Royal Chocolatier


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