Photos from Jingles 2003

Saturday December 6th, 2003
School of Choice, San Jose CA


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 A little caroling to pass the time
   The Grand Potluck
   Giant Jenga
 Her Royal Highness Ivone Pons Leyr studies the Jenga tower
   carefully pulling a block
  Hooray! It didn't fall!
Another Jenga player    It's looking awfully wobbly....     John Rossingol selects a block
Duchess Cyneswith aet Caldhaefen and ?
  William MacDougall pulls one towards the top (cheater!)
  Wilhelm von Homburg studies what to do 
 Alan MacMillen is looking somewhat amused
      Is it falling? 
Nope, not yet... 
Duchess Cyneswith aet Caldhaefen & Jarl Thorfinn the Cruel
  Damon Clark pulls a block
  Wow -- the tower is almost as tall as Wilhelm!
Alixia Aurora Arielle & Alan MacMillan
      Wilhelm von Homburg being verrrry careful
 ooooh, he's almost got it....
   Damon Clark & Viscountess Catherine of Wessex

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